November 18, 2021

We love a humble brag moment

There’s nothing easy about graphic design. It’s so much more than the colors and lines you see in your favorite advertisement. So, maybe it’s because our designers spent hours combing through every painstaking detail of these projects, or perhaps it’s just because we love a good humble brag, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t boast our latest achievements from the rooftop (and by that we mean from the website).

DMH was recently recognized for four client projects at the 58th Annual American Graphic Design Awards™, hosted by Graphic Design USA.

Those projects included:

  • KCAI – View Book
  • Scissors & Scotch Brand Identity
  • Canopy Growth – Surity Pro Packaging
  • Beyond Your Block – Brand Identity

And with that, we leave you with a quick humble brag for all of the DMH designers (and all the other less-artistic, yet equally as important folk at the agency) who contributed to these award-winning projects for our client partners.

Check out more of our award-winning work here.

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