October 1, 2020

DMHers at Home

When COVID-19 took over the world, the DMH office found itself mostly empty with a lot of modifications to its day to day hum of work. The first three months meant everyone was stuck at home. Now, the office is slowly but surely coming back to life. Or a new version of its former life.

With a team system for safely working in the office, you will find a skeleton crew on any given day. Those of us who need a break from our provisional kitchen table desks or mail delivery distractions come in twice a week. But the new normal of quiet rooms and masks isn’t all bad.

Every morning at 9 a.m., you can still hear Glen Campbell on the Sonos speakers at 1505 Genessee Street. And like clockwork, you can expect Led Zeppelin to fill your ears after lunch. Beer still flows through the kegs, and you are still likely to be unexpectedly blasted by the A/C while at your desk. Some things really never change.

Then there are the new traditions. Every Thursday, you can expect those in the office to order some kind of Asian cuisine for what’s been deemed “Special Lunch Thursday.” You can also expect a fully stocked fridge with the best canned beer money can buy (hello, Maplewood).

Even for those who are still at home, new pastimes have been adopted to break up the monotony of living in a COVID world. Like everyone else, DMHers have set out to find joy in the small things, make the most out of milestones and continue taking the year one day at a time. Here are a few things that have made life in 2020 just a little bit easier.

I’m a firm believer in the little things: DoorDash, my coffee mug collection, Spotify, quality gifs in Slack from my coworkers and my six-color pen decorated with sushi.  - Marlana Marts, Media Supervisor

Listening to new podcasts, making a quarantine dedicated Spotify playlist and trying new recipes from Bon Appetite and Cravings. – Elisa Martin, Senior Art Director

I’ve been trying to breathe new life into a cheap guitar from the 1960s. It was basically going to end up in the trash, but I am completely overhauling it. – Carter Herrman, Integrated Media Manager

I would not have been able to survive if not for DMH being so communicative, thoughtful and flexible about planning, participation and work structure. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but not having to worry about those few things makes staying home a comfortable option for my family and possible for any length of time. 
-Regan Bourland, Developer

The things that have helped me through quarantine are being able to play golf on the weekends and running with my dog. – Drew Harding, Assistant Account Manager

The Real Housewives franchise, Aperol spritzes and four-legged coworkers. – Lauren Blood, Senior Copywriter

Maintaining my sense of routine by being dressed for work even if I’m working from home. Spending time in the office (and the drive back and forth), as well as knowing that my DMH family is always close by for a laugh and support, even if by video conference. Oh, and those Wednesday/Friday weekly DMH Virtual Happy Hours when we were all quarantined.- Sean Hogan, Account Director, Partner

A walk with my wife and dog to start each day. Family dinners, which are near impossible when the kids are involved in sports and other activities. Sonos, where nobody at the office can override my playlists. -Doug Newman, Account Director, Partner

A pizza recipe saved my life during the pandemic. The dough is ridiculously easy and extremely forgiving, so it is good for those, like me, who aren’t master bakers. It’s also insanely good. – Kim Funari, Social Media Director

I found a few albums that I really fell in love with. Albums that either made me feel positive or gave me a lot of energy. I also started a lot of house projects to keep me busy during none work/parenting hours. Seeing progress being made has brought a lot of positivity and a feeling that I am making the most of this time at home. – Rob Mitchell, Associate Creative Director

Lots of yoga, daily walks with my dog Leon and weekly Facetime sessions with my family in Arizona have helped me survive this wild year. During the Kansas City stay-at-home order, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training over Zoom. Not only did it give me a routine and something to work towards each week, but also a community to connect with through shared experiences. -Kayla Infanti, Account Manager

We moved two weeks before stay-at-home orders in KC, so a lot of our first month or so we had house projects to keep us from going crazy. I have also been reading like crazy. My goal was 50 books this year, and as of today, I am halfway through my 50th. – Katie Snyder, Project Manager

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