Step one:
Distilling a complex brand into a simple brand essence.

Canopy was working hard on product form, formulation and testing. So, we worked hard on building their brand. For the veterinary market, the science angle was key. And for the moms and dads of all those fur babies, natural was essential.

Canopy 01

Step two:
Creating a logo that tells a story.

This is really where the pen hits the paper. Our team of designers began with pencil sketches, exploring literally hundreds of possibilities.

Canopy 02

After narrowing choices down, digital sketches and colors were added to the mix. The final result? The ‘hexaleaf’. As you can see, nature meets science again, with the leaf forms combining to reveal a chemical hexagon.

Canopy 03

Canopy 04

Canopy 05

Step three:

So, we had a look. Now we needed a voice. Inspired by our love of dogs and our client’s commitment to doing things the right way, we developed our tone. Tones, actually, because we had to speak to veterinarians and dog owners.

Canopy 06
Canopy 07 1 2x
Canopy 07 2
Canopy 08 1
Canopy 08 2 2x
Canopy 09

Step four:
Express yourself.

We have a brand. Now what? Well, you take it to the people, that’s what. And that’s just what we did. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve expressed the Canopy Animal Health brand.

Canopy 10

Canopy 11

Canopy 12

Canopy 13

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