Learn, Baby, Learn.

When we started, we had no idea how trusts and custody arrangements worked. And our client wasn’t convinced that a major rebrand was even necessary. Obviously, we all had work to do. So, we did. We rolled up our collective sleeves and learned about each other. We learned about the customers. We learned about the competition. And, most importantly, we learned how to create a unique space for National Advisors, leading to these initial logo sketches.


Start with a secret identity.
Then, share the secret.

As part of our brand development process, we created a set of core values that National Advisors lived out. Things like being selfless guardians who were resourceful, encouraging and incredibly trustworthy. Then, we discovered a brand persona who best exemplified those attributes; Alfred, the butler from the Batman comics. However, he was more than a butler. He was ‘Batman’s Batman,’ and he led us to a new positioning for National Advisors:

Image 02 2x

Image 03

The Logo

Combining the form of a shield with the letterform ‘N’, National Advisors new logo is certainly bold and authoritative. More importantly, it's a visual representation of the partnership between National Advisors and their clients, and of their shared journey.

Image 04

The Color Palette

Refreshing shades of teal and light blue convey an uplifting aura of trustworthiness, while deeper shades of blue reflect a bold, confident approach to the weighty matter of protecting personal finances.

Image 05 2x

Image 06

Image 07

Image 08

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