January 15, 2021

New year, new NAMA wins

2021 is looking bright. Or is it just the sun reflecting off our six National Agri Marketing Association (NAMA) Best of 2020 awards? Either way, we’re pretty excited about the latest additions to the DMH trophy case. Every year, the Best of NAMA awards honor the best work in agricultural communications. This first round of regional winners and best of show awards will advance to the national awards ceremony on April 21, 2021, where they will compete among the best in the country.

This year, we brought home the following awards at the regional competition:

  • Specialty Audiences Best of Show - Canopy Animal Health
  • Specialty PR Campaign First Place - Canopy Animal Health Veterinarian PR Launch Campaign
  • Specialty Campaign Elements - Single or Series First Place - Canopy Animal Health Media Relations
  • Specialty Advertising Campaign First Place - Canopy Animal Health Vet Campaign
  • Single Page Ads, Single Entry, Series First Place - Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging
  • Point-of-Purchase Materials Merit Award - ZuPreem

Check out more of our award-winning work here.

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